Automatic Cache Clearing with Heroku App Webhooks


This article documents the process of configuring Heroku App Webhooks to automatically clear the WAF cache on deployment of your Heroku application.

App Webhooks

App Webhooks are a feature available to all Heroku Applications. They replace the now sunsetted "Heroku Deploy Hooks" add-on. 

Read more about App Webhooks at:

Configuration Steps

1. Find & Copy your cache-clearing URL

On your dashboard's "Home/Status" page in the "Site Acceleration System." There is a "Cache Clearing Webhook" URL. 

Select and Copy that URL.

2. Navigate to webhooks

From your Heroku Application Dashboard, click the "More" button and then "View webhooks."

3. Create a new Webhook

4. Paste the URL

Paste the URL from step 1 into the "Payload URL (https)" field and select "api-release" in the Event Types.Click "Add Webhook"

5. Confirm the webhook creation

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