ExpeditedWAF Setup and Onboarding

Expedited WAF automatically examines each web request to your Heroku application looking for potential attacks, blocking bad bots, stopping DDoS attacks, and increasing the overall security of your application.

This guide walks you through the installation steps.

Once you've provisioned the add-on, you will be able to see Expedited WAF under your Installed add-ons.  

Clicking on the add-on will bring you to the Choose the Domain page. Once here, you will be able to select which domain associated with your Heroku application that you would like to protect with the WAF.  Note that an additional WAF has to be provisioned for every domain (though multiple sub-domains of the same primary domain can be covered by a wildcard).

After selecting your domain, you will need to Verify your Domain Ownership. This is done by modifying your DNS records. 

Note: the domain verification DNS records do not change where your current traffic is routed.

In this scenario, our DNS records for wafdemo.com are being managed via DNSimple. We're going to add a CNAME record using the values provided in the Verify your Domain Ownership step to prove that we are the rightful owners of the www.wafdemo.com domain.

Once the record has been added, return to the Verify Domain Ownership page. You have the option to click the Check for DNS CName button or to wait for the page to update automatically. The page should update within a few minutes of adding the CNAME record.

Once the CNAME record you added is detected you will see the following page as the WAF starts to build. This process typically takes between ten to twenty minutes to complete.

Once the WAF has been built you will need to rollover your DNS records to point to the WAF. Following these instructions will bring your WAF online with no perceptible downtime for uses of your site.

To point your DNS record to the WAF you will first delete the original CNAME record pointing to your Heroku instance.

Next, add an A record that will point to the WAF IP.

After the new A record has been created, you can click on the Refresh DNS Results button to confirm everything is working properly.

Congrats! You now have Expedited WAF installed and are ready to start configuring it to your needs.

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