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The WAF caches static files (images, PDFs, CSS, and JS) by default as well as other file requests as specified by the cache headers returned in responses from your application.

Ideally, all assets would be given unique URLs or fingerprinted when modified. As this is not always practical, this endpoint can be used to manually clear either individual files or the entire cache for your WAF.

POST /api/cache/invalidate

Requests that a single file is removed (invalidated) from the cache. 

Required Parameters

  • api_key - your API Key
  • file_path - path to your file. You should not include the full domain or a beginning slash.

Request Format

POST /api/cache/invalidate




Successful Response - HTTP 200 - application/json
	"domain": "example.com",
	"success": true,
	"message": "Cache Cleared Request Initiated"
Failed Response - HTTP 403 - application/json
	"success": false,
	"message": "<Error Message>"

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